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2024 ***Official*** White Sox Thread - This team is really going to suck (1 Viewer)

The Athletic has a story on the five year anniversary of the Adam/Drake LaRoche debacle.

It hasn't gotten any less ridiculous with the passing of time. 

Neat start.

  • Injuries
  • Horrible base running.
  • No situational hitting
  • Leading the league in errors
  • Bullpen has been horrible
Hoping the home opening changes the tide.

Is it?  :)

Hard to believe Giolito is the weak spot in the rotation. His K's are way down, too many pitches to get outs. Not sure what's leading to his regression.
Lol. No Eloy, no Robert, no problem. I believe Giolito will turn it around. He's shown flashes. Really good pitching staff this year which makes the injuries so depressing. Looked to have all the pieces in place for a WS push early this spring.

They've won with small ball in the past, but hard for me to believe the lack of power hitting won't bite them in the butt at some point. Jose should get better this summer. Moncada is playing better than last year. Madrigal is kinda amazing and Vaughn seems to have settled in a bit and is doing better.

A huge positive for the Sox is the AL Central is trash. Cleveland is decent, but beatable. Best hope is they can hang around and hopefully get Robert and maybe Eloy back. Still looks like "next year" but anything is possible.


This is fun to watch. Now if Giolito gets back on track today that will really be something.
It has been really fun. They're mixing in the long ball now, but it is refreshing to see a team not rely on the HR and still score a ton of runs. Can't ever remember a White Sox team producing with 2 strikes and 2 outs like this one.

Shades of 2005 when Big Frank got hurt and guys stepped up. Aging guy like Hamilton having a resurgence in a Scotty Pods type role. Good pitching. Hope they can keep it going.

Mercedes is off to a crazy start. Great story. I keep thinking it's a fluke but he keeps producing. Tim Anderson hot right now. Tough for a batting champ to be under rated, but he is.

If they are in contention this summer and go after rental pitching I hope they make a deal more like Contreras in 05 for future scrub and not the James Shields for Tatis Jr. trade in '16. That one hurt. What could've been there.

The bad: Giolito sucked again.

The good: Kopech was filthy. Sale trade not looking too bad now. Dude is a future ace if he can stay healthy.

And now the best record in baseball.  Pretty amazing.
It really is. There is something magical going on with this team. It’s still so early though. I doubt they will be the best team in baseball in a few months, but are probably good enough to stay on top of Cleveland and win the Central. Sounds like Eloy will be back and maybe Robert, which would be huge. Losing Madrigal for the year hurts. I kind if hope Hahn doesn’t do any big trade of a prospect for a rental. I like these no-name guys stepping in and contributing. Just gotta hold on. Whatever happens, they’ve been fun to watch this year.

Enjoying watching this team. Sad Twins will finished by August 11th. Hopefully enough time to be fully healthy for playoffs. Depth of pitching and defense along with veteran clutch hitting of Anderson, Abreu and Grandal can potentially carry quite a load. 

ericttspikes said:
Moncada and Grandal out now too. All teams have injuries, but 5 starters out is kind of crazy. 
Grandal out 4 to 6 weeks. And the hits keep coming. Find a way to limp into the AS break still in 1st place and then hope we get Eloy and Luis back for the start of the stretch run.

Looking forward to seeing these guys play in person sometime in the next month.  The Cell ( it will always be that to me) really is a underrated park to watch a game.

This team sure is ####### fun to watch! Moon shot, game winner by Sheets just keeps adding the story.

Robert now starting rehab assignment. All the pieces coming into place!

Imagine Robert and Eloy inserted into the lineup. Vaughn at DH. Engle bats 8th and Garcia 9th.  Can't wait to see it all put together.

This team sure is ####### fun to watch! Moon shot, game winner by Sheets just keeps adding the story.

Robert now starting rehab assignment. All the pieces coming into place!

Imagine Robert and Eloy inserted into the lineup. Vaughn at DH. Engle bats 8th and Garcia 9th.  Can't wait to see it all put together.
Those two Twins games were crazy. I was watching it last night and my 18 yo daughter came home from work and sat down with me. She probably hasn't watched a game since I took her to father/daughter Sox games when she was a little kid. It was the top of the 8th, Twins go ahead and I'm bummed. I was thinking she'd just go relax in her room but she stayed with me and we were going nuts in the Sox half of the 8th. We even woke up my youngest who was pissed.

Vaughn comes in and gets a clutch hit. That Engel slide was an amazing play. Dude went all out, dodged the tag, got his hand on the plate and smashed his face on the ground. Just bonkers. We'd both go "oooooofffff" on the slow mo replays seeing him face plant. Just got up and trotted away. Nails.

Then Hamilton gets up there. I have a laugh about how goofy the number zero is and tell her he's been a good player this year but not the best hitter as he rips one into left. YEEESSS. High fives. The Abreu blast was icing on the cake, but he crushed that. Having that moment with my soon to be college freshman wasn't lost on me either. It was a good time.

It was one of the most exciting innings of baseball I've seen, barely eclipsing the last inning of the game before with the Sheets blast. Two incredible wins.

Pour one out for Nicky Two Strikes. Not sure I like letting him go. He was never going to develop into a power hitter, but the guy can hit. It was a huge luxury having him at the bottom of the order and getting on base so often. If he can back to 100%, he really has a chance to be a career .300 guy. Those guys are valuable.

Tony LaRussa is trash. Good example tonight of losing a game they would have won. 

This might be the second most talented team and imo, you aren’t winning with Tony. Gllllllllllllll

Luis rejoining the team tonight. Not sure who is getting sent down. I think Sheets deserves to stay up. Maybe Lamb? Eloy has to stay at DH with how packed the OF is. This team is deep. 

Really interested to see how Tony puts the pieces together. Maybe Sheets goes back down because he won't be able to get much PT up here and he would be playing everyday in Charlotte. The guy is good though. Can't really sit Vaughn too much. Incredible that this guy is just learning positions to play on the fly. Goodwin and Engel rotate on match ups. I also have to think it's going take several weeks for Luis to get in the groove. The pieces are coming together though. Getting Grandal back in 2-3 weeks would be icing on the cake. 

Hell yes! I thought the whole thing was cool. Would've loved to be there. Glad the Sox are actually good this year and that they came out on top. It was like watching a movie. Eloy is just mashing it and TA has been really hot, glad he got the winner. I have no idea if they will win it all this year, but unless I totally have recency bias, I think this is the most talented Sox team in my lifetime, including 05. Fun to watch.

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Heartbreaker last night vs. Bo Sox. Should've had that one. Luis has been on fire since coming back. Kopech dominated 2 innings playing in a back to back game. Dude has all the stuff to be a great one. I'm going to say it, not a Dallas Keuchel fan. Hate seeing that guy on the mound. 

We'll see how the playoffs go. Team isn't as locked in as they were a while ago. Big part is that TA has been out, but there are some cracks showing in the bullpen and the crazy clutch hits aren't happening as much. Hendriks and more so Kimbrel throw so much stuff into the dirt that it makes winning close games tougher IMO. Still not sure the double headed relief monster is really working or a great idea. Been a fun year to be a White Sox fan though.

Any draw in the American league is tough this year, but Houston will be a big test for the White Sox. Season series 2-5 with going 0-4 in Houston. WS are going need some magic.


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