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2nd year FREE ESPN Dynasty 12 team league orphan teams available (1 Viewer)


2nd year FREE ESPN Dynasty 12 team league with a few orphan teams available. First come first serve. It was an active league last year, but we've had a few people drop out this year because they are not able to be active this year. Here's some of the main settings below:

Superflex - OP position
No Kicker
D/ST slightly deflated scoring
0.4 PPR
12 keepers per team

Draft order has already been determined from last year's final standings. Here are the highlights of each available team. Respond with an email or message me directly and I'll send an invite. Thanks!

Team 7 (Drafting 6th): QB - T Lawrence, D Carr, M Jones. RB - KHerbert, J Williams, J Robinson, Z Moss. WR - JChase, AJ Brown, DK Metcalf. TE - D Goedert, T Hill.

Team 8 (Drafting 5th): QB - D Watson, B Purdy, M Stafford. RB - J Taylor, D Pierce, C Patterson, E Mitchell. WR - D Adams, D Hopkins, T Burks, OBJ. TE - K Pitts, Z Ertz, E Engram

Team 9 (Drafting 3rd): QB - J Herbert, J Love. RB - A Jones, T Etienne, J Conner, R Penny. WR - M Williams, A Robinson, B Aiyuk, Marq. Brown, A Lazard. TE - D Waller, A Hooper

Team 12 (Last year's Champ - Drafting 12th): QB - L Jackson, J Goff. RB - A Ekeler, R Stevenson, M Carter. WR - G Pickens, T Higgins, G Davis. TE - D Schultz, G Everett

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