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*6 spots available* 24-team "Mini Golf with Dinos" Empire League - 2 player copies - $85 (1 Viewer)


24-teamer w $15-20 per entry fee going towards the empire pot ($360-$480/year). When the league has a repeat champion, the league folds & repeat champ takes down the pot. If & when this happens, all have the option to restart the league w new startup auction.

* Heavy divisional play - will play each team in your 6-team division 3 times (one doubleheader week). 4 "captains" determined by highest team player values on KTC will draft their division mates prior to kickoff of year one.

* 30 roster spots + 5taxi / 5IR - 12 starters (1-2QB, 2-6RB, 3-7WR, 2-6TE)

* Auction startup/auction rookie drafts. '23 rookie picks will be available during startup auction & then converted to cash for rookie auction based on rookie pick valuation chart.

* Scoring/settings/MFL league site: https://www48.myfantasyleague.com/2023/options?L=25304&O=09

* Bylaws w payouts, playoffs & victory points setup. The golf aspect comes into play with negative victory points:

* Dues handled via LeagueSafe, will vote on paying a year in advance or only current year unless future rookie picks are traded. Either way, there will be some form of orphan protection in place.

Email Sean @ VapidVespid@gmail.com with any questions or interest in the league. Thank you for looking!

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