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75 Team 5 Copy IDP Devy SF Premier League CANCELLED READJUSTED TO 32 TEAMS (1 Viewer)


I have a 75 team league I am looking to fill:
League Concept

This league will run like the English Premier League in that teams may be promoted and relegated to upper and lower divisions based on performance. After Year One this league will still use a playoff system to determine winners and payouts. This league will also be a Devy league.

League Construction

This league will have 5 divisions of 15 teams, 75 total teams. These divisions may trade with one another.

Player Copies
There will be 5 copies of each player.


Buy-in and Insurance Bond
The initial league buy-in will be $50.

The league will implement a $50 insurance bond. This bond is due upon taking ownership of a franchise. If a team leaves for cause (i.e. banishment), the bond is forfeited. If an owner departs for any other reason (i.e. personal), the bond may be reimbursed.

Year 1 Schedule and Prize Structure
Year 1 will feature an All-Play System between the 75 teams. The schedule will be randomly created and set so each team will play all other teams each week.
After week 17, teams will be grouped into their 2025 leagues based on final standings. While the top 15 teams will be in the NCAA Division I, only the top 10 will receive a payout from the first season.

Startup Auction

Each team will be given a $2000 bank roll for the startup auction. The auction will include all 2024 veteran and rookie players.

Upon completion of the auction each team’s bank roll will reset to $500 for the initial Devy auction.
Year Two and Beyond

League Fees

Upon completion of year one, league fees will be collected based on the team’s current division.

Allocation Money
Upon completion of teams being placed in their divisions after promotion and relegation, teams will be given their annual Allocation Money payment based on which division the team is in. This is to be used for rookie and devy auctions, as well as blind bids for players for the entire year.

In Season

  • 46 Active Roster
  • 22 Starters
  • 24 bench players
  • 10 IR Slots
  • 15 player taxi squad for rookies and Devy players
Off Season
  • Upon completion of promotion and relegation, shortly after NFL week 17 roster size will be increased to 70 + 15 man taxi for Devy and Rookie players.
  • IR Players will be immediately moved to the active roster.
  • IR will not be used during the off season.
  • Rookies will be promoted to the active roster.
  • Cut down must be completed by kickoff of NFL week 1.
Starting Lineup
  • 1 QB
  • 1 RB
  • 2 WR
  • 1 TE
  • 1 QB/RB/WR/TE Flex
  • 5 RB/WR/TE Flex
  • 1 DE
  • 1 DT
  • 1 DE/DT Flex
  • 2 LB
  • 2 CB
  • 2 S
  • 1 DT/DE/LB/CB/S Flex
  • 1 LB/CB/S Flex
Taxi Squad
Taxi squads will support 15 players. Only rookies and Devy players will be allowed on taxi squads. Owners may promote and demote at will.

We will use positions based on MFL. If MFL lists a player as DE, they will fill a DE position.

After year one, each team will play every team in their division one time over the course of the 14-week regular season. Due to the odd number of teams in each division, in week 1, all but two teams will play two games against division foes. The two remaining teams will each have a second game against the league average. All other teams will have a game against only the league average at some point during the regular season.

Playoffs will be held NFL weeks 15-17. Each division will hold their own playoffs.
Playoff teams will consist of the top 7 teams per division.
The four best overall records will be in the playoffs, with a first round bye awarded to the best record. The three remaining playoff spots will be awarded to the three remaining teams with most points scored.

Promotion and Relegation
This league will promote and relegate teams based on performance.
To be promoted, the league will use each of the division playoffs. The two teams reaching the Division Championship game will be promoted. The final promotion will be determined by the third-place game.

Three teams from each division will be relegated to lower divisions. The bottom two teams after the regular season will automatically be relegated. The remaining six teams not relegated or in the playoffs will compete in a head-to-head Loser Playoff. The playoffs will be set such the bottom two teams will receive the bye. The lower scoring team will advance. The final remaining team with the lowest score in Week 17 will be the third team relegated. Playoff will be played as set, no reseeding.

Group chat
This group will use Discord as it’s primary source of communication.
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