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9 out of 10 Packers agree (1 Viewer)

from PFT (Ooooooh)


Although there's been no official announcement, we've been told that Packers quarterback Brett Favre has informed the team that he'll be returning for the 2006 season.

The move means that the Packers almost certainly will not take a quarterback with the fifth overall pick in the draft. Previously, we'd heard that the team would potentially be interested in selecting Matt Leinart, if Favre were to walk away.

Since 2002, the question of whether Favre would or wouldn't retire has been the subject of rampant and regular scrutiny. His return for 2006 means that, barring an unequivocal statement before, during, or after the coming season, we'll get to spend another 12 months or so periodically addressing the same, old, tired issue.


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