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A or B who wins (1 Viewer)


This is a 10 team Keeper league with full IDP (start 3DL 3LB 3DB must have at least one DT, OLB, CB). Offensive scoring is pretty typical non ppr, defensive scoring is 1 point per assist or solo 7 points for sacks, 10 for interceptions (nothing for FF, PD etc)
Each team protects 9 players at the end of the year, draft a 43 player roster with no waiver wire.

OK now to the deal:
A: Receives McCaffery, 20th overall pick, 25th overall pick
B: Receives Mahomes, Parsons, W Anderson

One point to note is McCaffery cannot be kept as one of the 9 keepers at the end of the year (due to some other league rules etc)

Which side do you prefer A or B?
(Assume it is not SF or 2QB)

I would like to know the relative scoring between offense and defense. Does a Tier 1 offensive players score the same as a Tier 1 IDP? Is the top 50 scorers even across offense and defense?

Without knowing that, the side would depend on my other available keepers. One team is freeing up two roster spots to be able to keep two other players. The other is losing those roster spots so are Parsons/Anderson better than the 8th and 9th keepers that are now cut? That is a significant factor into which side I prefer.

With only 9 players kept per team those picks greatly increase in value as there should be some solid starter level veteran type players also in the mix for early picks pushing both rookies and overall talent level further down the draft board.

All that to say I think I like the CMC side if my team needed the roster spots for additional freezes.

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