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Adam Archuleta (1 Viewer)


Week 3 is in the books, and it's painfully evident that my D needs a major overhaul, especially the DL's and DB's. Adam Archuleta is currently available in my league, and is the 7th ranked DB overall with a 8.76 point per game average. His point totals since week 1 have been 3, 8 and 15, so this last weekend really bumped up his numbers. My questions is this: is worth picking up? Was this last weekend more of an anomoly or an indication of what to look forward to from here on out. Thanks in advance for any advice.Andy

He's a good pickup. Playing SS for St. L is a good fantasy position. Their defense will be on the field a fair amount of time because the offense does not generate long, time-consuming drives.

I doubt Adam Archuleta is available in many leagues unless roster size and starting requirements are very, very small.grab him. :eek:


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