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New to IDP. Who to start? (1 Viewer)


Hi all,

I'm new to IDP this season and I'm in the first round of the playoffs and I'm looking for advice on who to start at my IDP spots this week. In our league, there are two IDP spots which can be filled by any position (so you can start two LBs, two DL, two DBs or mix and match). The scoring format is as follows: 

Solo tackle = 1, assist = 0.25, Sack = 5, interception = 8, force fumble = 4, FR = 2, TD = 6, safety = 8, pass defend = 3, TFL = 2.5

I currently have Cameron Jordan and CJ Mosely in my starting lineup. I like Jordan this week vs the Jets but I'm nervous about Mosely as the Browns haven't allowed 8 or more tackles to an ILB since week 8. Here are some players available on waivers that I'm considering starting over Mosely:

Calais Campbell (vs. Hou), Sean Davis (vs NE), Jadeveon Clowney (@ Jax). 

Campbell is intriguing since Houston is terrible, allows a lot of pressure opportunities, and Campbell had 4 sacks vs them during week 1. Sean Davis interests me a lot because NE allows a ton of points to opposing safeties. Also, last week he had 8 solos in Shaziers absence (as well as 2 TFL, 1 PD, 1 int). The Footballguys projections has Clowney ranked the highest out of all of them using my leagues scoring system but I'm very skeptical of Clowney given that Jacksonville has allowed the 5th fewest sacks in the league and Clowney only scored 1 point vs Jax during week 1. 

Any advice on who to start/pick up would be greatly appreciated. Also, just any overall thoughts on how to think about strategy for IDP players in the playoffs is greatly appreciated. I feel like my scoring system is largely tilted toward splash plays, so I'm wondering how you all balance going for people with sack potential (Capmbell/Jordan/Clowney) who could potentially have bad games if they dont sack the QB vs. safer plays like a Mosely type.

Sorry for the long post. Any advice would be very much appreciated!

Your league's scoring system is so heavily tilted towards sacks and big plays that you can almost disregard tackles.  Personally, I'd petition the commish to change it, but that's not what you're asking about here so: given the scoring structure I'd get Cameron Jordan in my lineup and then give consideration to Mosley, Clowney and Campbell in that order.


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