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ADP in Excel? (1 Viewer)

Seven Costanza

Outside of the ADP excel file included with the Projections Dominator, does anyone know of a reliable source for ADP that allows you to export it to excel?? I like the ADP at MFL.com because you can really manipulate the data that it pulls, but I see no way to export it to excel.

I want a way to quickly remove players that are kept in my league to get a better idea of what the ADP of a player would be in my keeper league....I had planned on using excel to do this, but only if I can get a reliable version of ADP into excel, obviously.

Thanks guys!

If what you copy is full of links (player pages), you can do a "Paste Special > Text" so the links don't follow over to excel.

Here is a step by step I did to import ESPN ADP. You can do the same with MFL since it is on the FBG ADP page:

Here is the step by step process I use for importing MFL ADP into the Draft Dominator:

> Open the adp.csv file from the Draft Dominator folder (make sure it is not the Projections Dominator folder)

> Sort the data from smallest to highest by the adp_consensus column

> In another Excel document, copy and paste the data from here: http://subscribers.f...om/apps/adp.php. This is already sorted by the consensus.

> Copy all of the values from the MFL column and paste them in the adp_mag column in the adp.csv file

> Save adp.csv

> In the Draft Dominator, import the ADP (not ADP User)

> When editing the team names, select Magazine Average as the ADP List for everyone.

This has always worked for me and it is the most efficient way to do it.

Highlighting, copy and paste (text only) is probably the quickest.

But if you have a lot of tables you want to grab, you can also (Excel 2010 instructions here) go to the Data tab and click on From Web. Then send it over to the web page that you want to grab the data from. There will be a little yellow arrow like it shows up top next to each table. Just click on it and it will import it into Excel for you. If you do it this way you can also have it go refresh the data assuming you haven't hacked up the table after.

One caveat, sometimes a web page is set up so the entire page is considered a table. MFL's ADP pages can be like this, so the little yellow arrow will be at the very top left of the page. You can still do it that way, just you'll have to delete out a bunch of other text that comes in with it from the page.

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Thanks guys! Greg I think you are the closest here, and I dont think I explained myself the best in my OP. I want to use data from the MFL site because you can sort that as PPR, real or mock, in the last how many days, etc. The MFL info on the FBG website doesnt seem to be necessarily customized.

depending on how technical you want to get, the MFL XML feed allows you to configure exactly what you want:


you can customize the query string by:

Franchises (above example is 12)

IS_Mock (1 = yes, 0 = no)

IS_PPR (1 = yes, 0 = no)

IS_Keeper (1 = yes, 0 = no)

DAYS (how many days to go back from today to include in results)

now granted, this just gives you XML results with Player IDs, but you then pair that with the players XML feed:


match on ID, and you got as much custom ADP data as you can handle...

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Awesome Greg!! I just utilized the Grab Data From Web tool within excel and it did exactly what I needed. I was able to go to MFL.com, and sort the chart using the parameters I wanted and then click the yellow arrow. As you mentioned, the yellow arrow on MFL includes some header info that I wasnt interested in, but it was simple enough to just delete a few rows and one column.

Thanks so much for everyones help! The Shark Pool has so much knowledge!

I use fantasyfootballcalculator.com because they don't just give average positions, they report standard deviation as well. I wish more places reported stdev.

I also like FFC for their stddev numbers. I do worry that their raw numbers may be less accurate due to the site being strictly mock drafts, as opposed to MFL where, as was mentioned, you can filter by real draft results. Maybe it's not quite as bad at FFC, but in mocks it seems like you always get the guy who makes a few wild picks early then leaves the draft.


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