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After 1,000 iterations, I came up with this? 35K??? (1 Viewer)


$35,000 Subscriber Contest.  22 Players   $250.  I have to say...I'm really excited about my bye week distribution.   Not sure what else I'm excited about.  Just looking to break my previous high score, which is Week 11 elimination.   Went heavier on TE, K and D than I typically do.  Thoughts?

J. Goff  (12)

E. Manning  (9)

S. Darold  (11)

S. Barkley  (9)

C. McCaffrey (4)

D. Freeman  (8)

R. Freeman  (10)

B. Cooks  (12)

E. Sanders  (10)

A. Miller  (5)

D. Amendola  (11)

C. Godwin  (5)

D. Moncrief  (9)

T. Williams  (8)

T. Kielce  (12)

K. Rudolph  (10)

M. Crosby  (7)

C. Sturgis  (8)

K. Fairbairn  (10)

Rams  (12)

Ravens  (10)

Bears  (5)


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