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Andy Hicks

Good luck everybody

Any relevant Game Time injury threads will be pinned

Where there isn't a link for the threads below, there will be once the game thread is created (Usually less than 30 minutes before start time)

Bye Week – Buffalo, Tennessee, Kansas City & Pittsburgh

Sunday (early games)

St.Louis V Washington

Carolina V Tampa Bay

Cincinnati V NY Jets

Oakland V New Orleans

Detroit V Minnesota

Baltimore V Indianapolis

Miami V Houston

Chicago V Atlanta

Sunday (late games)

Green Bay V Seattle

Philadelphia V San Francisco

Dallas V Arizona

Jacksonville V Denver

Sunday Night Game

New England V San Diego

Monday Night Game

NY Giants V Cleveland

Week 6 Venting Thread

Week 6 Bragging Thread

Week 6 Injury Thread

Week 1 Master Thread

Week 2 Master Thread

Week 3 Master Thread

Week 4 Master Thread

Week 5 Master Thread

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