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Already own Hunt...how much faab for Ford? (1 Viewer)


Debating on going all in since I luckily have Hunt stashed already incase they sign him and somehow takes over the lead role. Good strategy or do a more conservative bid? PPR and my RBs are Barkley, Kyren Williams, Mostert, Justice Hill, Hunt, and Warren.
Owning Hunt shouldn't have anything to do with getting Ford under most circumstances, but I get it, you're thin at RB and would like to potentially have the 1 and 2 from a team.
Going from the FAAB thread on this board, you’ll need to bid at least 70% of the budget to roster him.
I'll go one step further and say not only the high percentage of FAAB, but make sure you're at least one $1 over someone's max total budget if that total has dwindled, because they are likely to go 100% of that.

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