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Analyze This: Desean Jackson's relative value (1 Viewer)


[Start: 1 qb; 2 RB; 2 WR; 1 RB/WR; 1 TE; 1 D/ST; 1K][.5 ppr]
[12 team]
[Record: 1-1]

Hey all, hoping for your thoughts on Desean Jackson's worth relative to my current team.  A tough matchup last week left me 1-1, but overall I'm pretty optimistic about my team.  Still, the Desean Jackson owner seems inclined to trade him for one of my RBs, and even though my gut says stay put, my guts often wrong, so out of an abundance of caution: here I am. 

The short version is this: Given our rosters (see below), is there any version of a trade for Desean Jackson that you would entertain?

Extra context: He's already offered Desean Jackson for James Connor. I declined.  He then followed up with Desean Jackson for Lamar Miller. I have yet to decide, but am almost certain to decline this as well.

My best guess: My gut says no because (1) I don't see how it measurably improves my team, especially since I have some concern over whether my RB strength will continue throughout the season (Fournette's injury, Freeman's return, Bell's potential return, etc.), (2) I fear Jackson's value will decrease upon Winston's return (whenever that may occur), and (3) I perceive my current WRs as a general strength, at least among my starters. 

QB: Stafford, Fitzpatrick
RB: Fournette, Lamar Miller, James Connor, Tevin Coleman, L. Murray, CJ Anderson
WR: Keenan Allen, Tyreek Hill, JuJu Smith-Schuster, Brandon Marshall, T. Williams
TE: Kittle
D/ST: Min
K: Lutz

QB: Watson, Prescott
RB: J. Williams (GB), J. Allen, L. Bell, S. Michel, N. Chubb,
WR: Crabtree, M. Evans, Fitzgerald, Desean Jackson, Kelvin Benjamin
TE: Rudolph, Ebron
D/ST: Packers
K: Sturgis

Many, many thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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As a straight up swap I dont like the trade for you. I would be more interested in a 2 for 2, something that lets you acquire Bell or Chubb. 

Coleman + Marshall for Jackson + Bell. I see coleman as a trade now candidate. He only got 9 carries and 2 targets with freeman in the mix, looked great in week 2 by himself but freeman will return to limit his touches at some point. Lets you shore up Bell for when he returns. 

The short version is this: Given our rosters (see below), is there any version of a trade for Desean Jackson that you would entertain?
Well DJax has looked pretty fantastic, I saw him live at the Dome 2 weeks ago, blew away a damned good safety in Marcus Williams.

If you think think he has lower value because Winston comes back so does the other guy, but Fitz might stick, so perhaps he's still a buy low. The other guy needs a RB bad. Freeman may be back in 3 weeks himself which would undercut Coleman's value then too. I'd be tempted to go with Coleman for DJax myself, but for the hell of it see if CJA + LMurray will work as an opener.

Please see mine.

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Why trade for him?  You can't start him over Hill, Allen and your flex each week is either Juju or Miller.   Even once bye weeks come maybe the the Fitzmagic vodu wears off.


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