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Annual NCAA Pool invite - 2024 edition. (1 Viewer)


So I run an NCAA pool annually. $5 bracket sheets type thing. It's gotten pretty good sized over the years - for instance last year was the largest ever and there were 727 unique individuals with 2934 brackets entered. A handful of folks came from footballguys and can vouch if they see this thread. I'll bump it through tourney start which is March 21st. Here's the link. Feel free to share with others too. Thanks! Details are on the home page. Winner took home something like $2700 on a $5 sheet. Feel free to invite others also.

To join, click here: https://www.pickhoops.com/2024ncaapool
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With TJ's blessing, here is the link to my bracket contest. Same site but it's $10/bracket. If you have a login already for TJ's contest, you don't have to register again. Just click on the below link.

Rules are slightly different than TJ's as my contest gives points for upsets. You get get a point bonus based on the difference in sees (if you pick a 12 over a 5, you get seven additional points for that round).

PickHoops Website - 2023 Group (password is Aces)

You can use your previous login and password or if you are new, you will be asked for your name, e-mail address, and password.

If you are unaware of the rules or have forgotten the scoring (nothing has changed since last year), use this link:

Hoops2023 Scoring

A few other helpful pieces of advice:
Historical Risk Factor - How to pick your upsets
Odds for creating the perfect bracket versus a bunch of other unlikely events

Only 6 days until the bracket is released on March 12th and 12 days until the First Four games tipoff.

All brackets must be entered no later than the tipoff of the first-round game on March 16th!

Payment information is located within the link.


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