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Before I start, I want to say that I have never prepared one before and I realize there are instantces were I rank aplayer higher or lower than others. I am also at the disadvantage in that I have not seen a college game in years (I live in Japan). So all I ask is that you enjoy another (semi-fresh) out-look and try not to be too harsh on me my first time out.

1. Texans---Bush RB-- Because he is the best player available

2. Saints--- Ferguson OT-- I think they will trade down to get him actually

3. Titans-- Leinhart QB--More ready than Young

4. Jets-- Young QB--Too much potential to pass up.

5. Packers--- Williams DE

6. Raiders---Hawk LB

7. 49ers---Williams CB---I believe he has dropped recently, but I will stick by this

pick, he has less potential than Cromartie, but is the

safer pick and the need for a top cb is greater than

a need for a te.

8. Bills--- Huff S--Another one thats dropped recently that I will stick by.

9. Lions---Cutler QB---Almost all drafts insist they won't draft a qb, but I say they

remember they passed up Roethlisberger a couple years


10. Cardinals--Justice OT--They got their stud rb, now its time to make him happy.

11. Rams-- Davis TE-- Still high for a TE, but he fits nicely here.

12. Browns--Ngata DT---Some have him higher and I am a Duck fan.

13. Ravens--Bunkley Dt---the 2 man mini run of dt's ends.

14. Eagles--Sims LB-- They need an LB.

15. Broncos---Lawson DE---speedy guy on the outside

16. Dolphins--Winston OT--- whoever runs is better protected.

17. Vikings--Greenway LB---he has fallen recently, viks need of an lb stops his

fall here.

18. Cowboys--McNeil OT--An area were I greatly differ, I just they really need

to keep Jones healthy and this big guy will help.

19. Chargers--Holmes WR---Yes they just got that guy from SF, but MCardell is

Old, Parker is not that good, and Jackson is still a


20. Chiefs---Jackson WR--Many will grade him above Holmes, but the chargers

took Holmes because he fits them better..Chiefs

aren't complaining.

21. Patriots---Cromartie CB--Tempting to go rb, but I think White is the best fit

for them, but has fallen out of favor..so they

address another big need.

22. Broncos---Whitner S--They concentrate on D in round 1, will get a couple

Wr's later.

23. Buccaneers--Hali DE

24. Bengals---Pope Te-- Lately he is seperating himself from others below him.

25. Giants---Hill Cb--- Size is concern, but not talent.

26. Bears---Carpenter LB-- adaptable lb who played alonside talented lb's in

college and took advantage of it. Will enjoy playing

with Burlacher and Briggs.

27. Panthers--Williams RB--Yeah they signed Foster, but having 2 top rb's is not

a bad thing in their owners mind.

28. Jaguars---Ryans Lb--a gut feeling they pass on the injury claiming White

29. Jets--- White RB--They don't pass on him. Jet fans are dancing in the street

after round 1..will this happen, probably not..but hey its a


30. Colts---Addai RB--Actually they will proably try and trade down for him if he

is still here. They Don't take Mauraney because Addai is

the better receiver and blocker, which keeps it closer to

what edge brought.

31. Seahawks--Moss Wr--They need someone to stretch the field and this draft

weak as far as those guys go.

32. Steelers--Mauraney Rb--Will probably look at this as a great trade op, but if

not, take best player available..who cares if they

need him or if he doesn't compliment Parker.

Pretty good first effort. I thought Eric Winston was high - most are projecting him as a very late first or early second. You also have Denver going D with both picks and NYJ going O with both picks (but not getting a lineman). Possible, sure, but I don't think it will shake out that way.

One thing, the Niners pick 6 and the Raiders pick 7. So assuming the Niners go D I can't see them taking Williams with Hawk still on the board.

Good mock. The Bills are going to address either line though....wait....they signed both Josh Reed and Peerless Price to ridiculous contracts...who knows what they will do.

just want to say i haven't forgotten about fixing my sf/oak order. been abit busy and now gotta give sf #22. probably tomorrow morn will post it.

Me having gotten sf/oak flipped around and the 49er/bronco trade and acouple other minor things..is causing more change to my mock than originally anticipated. So that is why the delay...not that anyone noticed, though. Just stating cause I said it would be done today.


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