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I have been a huge fan of Boldin's since very early on (I suppose since after week 1 of his rookie season, when I really learned about him). What I've loved about him so much is his heart, his desire to win games, and his ability to make plays in clutch situations. From a fantasy perspective, what this means is that he is, and has always been, a "go-to guy," and will always be involved in the offense.

One thing I have noticed is that he has consistently been undervalued. Coming off his rookie season, folks were concerned about ranking him too high, for fear that he'd hit a sophomore slump. After the injury in his 2nd season, he slid way, way down in everyone's rankings, which made little sense to me considering his numbers. He was a fantastic value pick last year, particularly for those who nabbed him in dynasty/keeper leagues and can now enjoy that value long-term.

In my opinion, Boldin's best trait as a fantasy player is his consistency. The one stat I look for in WRs is receptions. Touchdowns are difficult to predict, but a guy who is involved and gets lots of catches will likely be a solid fantasy contributor.

Over his entire career, Anquan Boldin has consistently caught at a 100-catch-per-season pace.

- During his first season he caught 101 balls.

- During his second season, he caught 56 balls in 9 games (one of which he only played in part of, and this was coming right off of his knee injury, so I relax the requirement a little bit here).

- This season he caught 102 balls.

So, for every half season, he has had approximately 50 catches. Who else has done this for all of his first 3 seasons? I would be shocked if anyone has.

The blip here was in his second year. People wrote him off as a result of the injury and his low stat totals at the end of the season. But those who were paying attention realized that he STILL was just about on his 100-catch-per-year pace, even coming off of injury. Those people are the ones who probably cashed in on his value coming into this season.

I believe these reception totals will continue, and Boldin will continue to be one of the most consistent WRs in fantasy. His low TD totals and tendency to get nicked up will probably keep him out of the top-3 on a consistent basis, but he will consistently record 100 catches and about 1400 yards. I'm not sure how many other guys in the NFL we can say that about.

(Notably, for those who'll want to discount him for durability, he did his 102/1398 this year while missing TWO games (and part of a third). In my league scoring he was the 5th WR, just 2 points behind Chad Johnson, and would have beat out Johnson (and probably S.Moss as well) without the injury).

:goodposting: I picked boldin with the 4.02 last year in a dynasty draft. Was a lil worried in the begining, but not anymore. Can't wait until next season...

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