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Any interest in a 12 team PPR or .5 PPR, Standard scoring ESPN league, $100 buy-in? (1 Viewer)

1 Point PPR or .5 Point PPR?

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If this is TLDR: Just know im lookin for competitors that wanna get at it in Fantasy and have fun!

Hey my FF lovers. I'm Joe and I am tired of my current league and half of its members being quitters and too lazy to check their fantasy app. I want to create a league with competitors, people who are active on trading and waiver-wire, and people who are about enjoying fantasy football. Im 33 and from south jersey, so im clearly an Eagles fan. But, im lookin for people who wanna compete and have fun and just talk football on the daily. My Fiance would say im probably a bit too into this fantasy football, but thats alright, haha! I want to be commissioner because I know I can be what the league needs and will be active for the other 11 people to create that fair atmosphere. I would create the league on ESPN and also create it on LeagueSafe to handle the payments, that way we all know its fair.

The scoring system I want to setup would be a standard PPR or .5 PPR system. Been reading this .5 PPR scoring and seeing how it evens the playing field a bit with how pass-heavy the NFL is and levels the points between WR/RB a bit. I want FGs to be scored for how long they are, 1-39 = 3, 40-49 = 4, 50-59 = 5, etc. Gonna have QBs scoring at .04 per 1 yard, rushing/receiving at .1 per yard. This will allow the scoring to have those all-important decimals points to reduce those ugly ties! I will also be adjusting the following scoring fort Defense;
0 points allowed = 5 / 1-6 points allowed = 4 / 7-13 points allowed = 3 / 14-17 points allowed = 2 / 18-21 points allowed = 1 / 28-34 points allowed = -1
As you can see, this goes 5,4,3,2,1, instead of the standard ESPN scoring of 5,4,3,1 and then negative.

This thread is to see what kind of interest there would be in this. Let me know in the comments or hit me up directly. Cheers lads.


Also, 4 point passing TD. None of this 6 point stuff, cus that empowers the QB way too much. 6 points rushing/receiving TD. Your typical ESPN scoring system for PPR with the above changes I mentioned.

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