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Any one else miss this bad? (1 Viewer)



Round 1 Cj Spiller

Round 2 Chris Johnson

Round 3 Reggie Bush

Round 4 Dwayne Bowe

Round 5 Rob Gronkowski

Round 6 Cecil Shorts

Round 7 Ryan Mathews

Round 8 Miles Austin

Round 9 Mike Wallace

Round 10 Baltimore Ravens

Round 11 Joe Flacco

Round 12 Sam Bradford

Round 13 Randy Bullock

Round 14 New York Giants

Round 16 Dwayne Allen

Replaced drafted players with

QB Phillip Rivers,

DST Bengals,

PK Garrett Hartley

TE Julius Thomas

RB Rashad Jennings

WR Percy Harvin

I cant remember ever missing this badly in a draft. Anyone else shocked by their draft this year?


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