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Any place to mock PPR redrafts with 1.5 TE scoring? (1 Viewer)


I'm taking part in a pretty big money league that is PPR redraft, pretty standard scoring except TEs get 1.5 vs 1.0 for RB/WRs. I'm trying to get a feel for how that affects ADP/drafts, and can't seem to find anywhere that lets you mock 1.5 for TEs. Anyone know of a place, or have enough experience you could tell me what to expect different? Thanks in advance for any help/links/suggestions!!!
Top TE’s should go earlier, which just makes all the TE’s move up. Kelce should be a first round pick. Andrews early to mid 2nd, then Pitts not much later …. If you’re draft room is experienced with this format, then have a plan as there likely won’t be falling TE value. But if the room is mostly new at this, then you might luck out and get a TE falling. Those late round TE in regular drafts will now become 8-12th round picks. Everyone rosters minimum 2, I may suggest a 3rd if you don’t land one of the top guys.

I don’t really any mocks, so I can’t help much in that area.

Ministry of Pain

Draft Dominator is free to run as long as you don't mind slightly dated rankings, you gotta pay to have the best info already loaded but in general you can't beat free.

You will have to set your rules up but you can load directly into it from at least half a dozen popular sites like MFL, RTS, CBS, etc...


Ministry of Pain

Kelce and Andrews go 1st and 2nd Rd
Waller and Kittle come off the board next by the end of the 3rd/4th round.

After that i resist the urge until we get to about Ertz time in Arizona since he will also benefit no Hopkins 1st 6 weeks, their RB Chase Edmonds that was a threat out of the back field is gone, you could do worse.

Cole Kmet is high on many lists.

Like Everett(LAC) and Hurst(CIN)...Everett will do much better than an old aging Jared Cook did and Hurst will fill Uzomah's shows in a high powered Offense he should easily find some easy scores...both of these guys can go undrafted in some leagues.

Dawson Knox gets a lot of heat for missing passes but he is easily the starter in Buffalo right now and so many scores to go around he should find the end zone 8+ times this year, that's a lot for a guy that typically is about the last of the Top 12 drafted,

Some combo should work for you and ease your mind not to reach early and blow up your RB or WR stable to secure a TE.

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