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Any way to view a stripped-down Google Map - no retailers, hotels, etc. (1 Viewer)

Doug B

I am looking to view a Google Map of a city that leaves off the names of retail businesses, hotels, restaurants, and the like. Geographical names and street names are OK, but not required.

Is there any way to view a Google Map online with the labeling much reduced, if not eliminated?

We've got Google Earth here at the office, although not all the licenses appear to be equally powered. I know of no way to see any kind of street view in my version of Google Earth. Google Maps gives exactly the street view I need, just with a little too much clutter.

Thanks in advance for any advice.

Thanks guys. I've cast a wide net for this query, and it appears that this really isn't possible in a stock way right now (there are some technical solutions that require sign-ups for various Google services). I guess the businesses that pay for their labels to pop up on Google Maps are invested in not making it easy to turn off their labels.


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