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Anyone ever install a regular indoor TV outside? (1 Viewer)


Building a covered porch next to our pool right now. Had considered a TV but I think I kind of like the sound of nature out back without a TV. 
Had a similar setup .... loved floating in the pool watching baseball games and relaxing. ... plus could always mute it , I did it a lot with the radio playing music.


Maik Jeaunz

#### didn’t even think of this. Next spring is going to be all out war. 
I mounted a TV on the wall of my covered patio a few years ago, and it's amazing. I've got a built in BBQ with a seating counter, and sitting there watching sports as the sun goes down, with a beer and a J, it's magical.

grab one of these to keep off the dirt & dust, easy to take on and off.

if the birds give you trouble, cut this into strips about 12-18 inches long and hang it around the patio. it freaks em out. if you hang it with pushpins, it's easy enough to take off when you have guests over.



Mrs. O and I have been debating whether we need a fancy outdoor TV or just a regular TV for our covered patio. My view has always been that a regular TV would be fine because it’s well covered and wont be exposed to rain or sun and, worst case, we replace the cheap TV next season if it goes.  My theory is that these LED panels are all the same—they’re all from the same makers in China, and I’ll bet these outdoor TV makers just buy those and package them up in weatherproof enclosures (which I don’t need given the location of mine). 

TV nerd squad guy at BestBuy today was trying to convince me to buy a $3k outdoor TV as opposed to the $150 LG LED I was carrying to the front.  Just installed the LG. How long will it last?  NYC region climate. 

I’m betting this thing is humming along nicely this time next year. 
outdoor tv's are the second biggest scam in electronics.  right after "premium cables".

the only advice I would give is to buy one with fantastic brightness.  If my notebook is right you are a samsung guy.  they have fantastic brightness.

Ah, looks like you bought an LG.  For that price, who cares.  that is basically free.



I have one under my covered section of my deck. I put it up 3 years ago. I meant to take it down in the winter, but forgot. We got a hard freeze and I figured it was toast. I went out and checked and it was fine. I've never brought it inside. Still works just fine. It even gets a little wet from time to time. No cover. Nothing. 


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