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Anyone rolling with Colston tonight? (1 Viewer)


Seems to be getting healthy and producing as of late. Atlanta's D is terrible. Just wondering if others are trusting him tonight.

I am. I started him last week and he gave me a solid 13 point game (PPR). With bye weeks/injuries taking out McCoy and Stevie Johnson, my only other option was to flex Greg Olsen, Miles Austin, or Brian Leonard over him. I think he's upside is higher than all three, so I have no issues going with him.

This week he's an easy option to start, it's the tougher matchups going forward that will make me think about it a little more.

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Was considering it, but decided to go with Cruz instead. I'm hoping last week was the end of his slump.

Man I thought last night was Colston's night. He owns Atlanta, and the Falcons are BAAAAD this year. But he managed... 40 yards? Ugh.. killed me in a couple of leagues. I was hopeful when the second or third drive of the night, Brees targeted Colston 3 times in a row near the goal line, but he couldn't quite get it over the line. :/

Started him as my WR3/Flex 4 for 40 yards isn't terrible. If he got in the endzone this is a non-discussion. This is the life of owning a NO WR.


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