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Anyone starting Westbrook today in PPR leagues? (1 Viewer)


With Westbrook being active, I'm now torn on whether to start him, Reggie Bush on Monday or Torry Holt now. It's really hard to bench Westy, especially considering that is all he needs is about 4 receptions to put up a double digit fantasy score, but he is going against a great D and he should be limited.

This is one of those times where you end up sitting him and he gets like 25+ fantasy points.....

Anyone else starting him?

Have they announced the inactive list yet? I know of one report from ESPN that he's playing, but Philly blogs and local sites are still saying 50/50.

I'm stuck too if he does play. with SJAx out, I either have to start West or Buchalter... If West plays and they share, it kills both their value.. I was really hoping for West to sit this one out and go strong on Thurs..

Clayton just annouced he would be the work horse today. Crap, I'm not sure how you sit him, even against Balt D and being hurt.


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