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Are any of these options better at WR longterm upside? (1 Viewer)


12 team, full PPR, we can only roster 5 WR, but with a double flex I can start as many as 5 each week

I have AJ Green, Fitzgerald, Josh Gordon, Robbie Anderson and Calvin Ridley

I like Calvin Ridley, but I'm starting to think there may be better options out there with more upside.

First one is Kenny Golladay who I thought about drafting over Ridley

So this is the list of some of what's out there, who do you think has the most upside in PPR, Calvin Ridley or....

Kenny Golladay
Anthony Miller
Ryan Grant
Dede Westbrook
John Brown
Tyler Lockett
Coradelle Paterson
Geronimo Allsion


All of the guys you have listed are pretty much in the same realm in my opinion, but your question is about the highest upside.  Grant/Brown/Lockett are all set up in positions to probably see more targets than the others as currently positioned.  However, Golladay/Ridley/Allison would have higher upsides if they were able to work their way (or injury) into the WR2 role on one of their high power passing offenses.

If you want a higher likelihood of getting decent production, then I'd go Lockett/Brown/Grant (in that order).  If you are swinging for the fences, I'd choose whoever among Golladay/Ridley/Allison you think has the best chance of becoming their team's WR2.  (Frankly, whoever pans out to be the Saints #2 is probably in a similar situation)

I think Galloday is going to be definitely a WR3/4 and might overtake Marvin Jones dependent on the new coaching scheme. Definitely take over Ridley. With Baldwin being not 100%, Lockett can be seeing an increased share of targets if Baldwin can't separate. I'd put Allison in a considerably lower floor than the others, but potentially higher ceiling. He can be the WR2 (Cobb might get traded) in an Aaron Rodgers offense.


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