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12 team full PPR redraft league, picked 11 out of 12, standard roster setup on sleeper (9 starters 5 bench). Last time I played and really followed football was 2019, and I always played standard scoring. Roast my draft please:

QB Lamar Jackson
RB Saquon Barkley
RB James Cook
WR AJ Brown
WR Keenan Allen
TE Pat Freiermuth
Flex Brandon Aiyuk
D Bills
K Carlson


Also, week 1 is Mostert the flex instead of Aiyuk?

Thanks bros!
Solid group imo. Dillon/Mostert are solid RB depth. Bench WR have potential, but will need a little help. Good job & GL!
Thanks man. Kinda lucked out with Mostert and the rest of the Miami guys going down. I drafted 2 weeks ago. I figure with Rodgers gone GB will be a more run oriented offense hence the Dillion pick.

On that note I know Rodgers is all about trust with his WRs, I figured Lazard was a good late round pick for that reason and again lucked out when the one WR retired from the jets last week.

Juju was another late round flier...someone has to catch passes in NE right lol? Waiver wire is thin so I’ll be watching.

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