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Barf 🤮 ... help with my FLEX (1 Viewer)

Ray Barboni

Looking for some flex advice here fellas; .25ppr 1.5ppr for TE’s.

Players I’m considering:

Kyle Rudolph @NE

Gerald Everett @DET

Robby Anderson @TEN

TY Williams @PIT

Trey Quinn @PHI

Yuck. I know, right now I’m leaning safe with Rudolph. 

Kelce is my starter, but I figure of all that I’ve listed ... Rudolph might be the safest in the flex considering it’s a 1.5ppr for TE league.

Robby Anderson and Ty Williams are interesting though - especially Ty Williams in a potential shootout @PIT 


Thanks guys, leave a link and I’ll give ya my best 


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