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BassNBrew Pick 'Em Playoff Contest (1 Viewer)


Pick the winner versus the spread. I will set the spreads each week. The person who survives the longest without missing will be declared the winner and king handicapper of the shark pool. Once you miss, you are eliminated. One entry only, no edits will be accepted so be careful, picks must be in one hour before kickoff of each weekend's games, all games for the week must be picked at the same time, you must follow the format and order below or you will be DQ'ed. I will set lines each week around Wed or Thur. I will post tiebreakers of my chosing for the Super Bowl if necessary.

1) St Louis +4.5 or Seattle -4.5

2) San Diego -6.5 or NYJ +6.5

3) Indy -10.5 or Denver +10.5

4) Green Bay -6.5 or Minnesota +6.5

Sample Entry

1) St Louis2) NYJ3) Indy4) MinnesotaBonus: If you run the table, 11-0 and finish 1st, I will personally send you a hat, shirt, or book. Assuming there's stock remaining.Have fun and have at it. Props to FBG culdeus for the idea. Please keep any commentary about the games to the numerous other threads in the shark pool. Gloating and bragging about your handicapping skills is acceptable and encouraged. :D

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1) Seattle2) San Diego3) Indy4) Minnesota

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St Louis +4.5 Damn I liked Seattle before the season started. But now no way.NYJ +6.5 I dont like Shotts coaching record in playoff games however I expect SD to win. Indy -10.5 BlowoutGreen Bay -6.5 Blowout



San Diego

I'm going to make one exception and let Pick re-enter. This is an invalid entry, the games are not in the order that I listed them. Yeah, I'm a picky SOB, but I'll be glad I did this if I get 200 entries.Please review the sample again, it's pretty simple.

1) St Louis

2) NYJ

3) Indy

4) Minnesota

Game number and pick.

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If you run the table, 13-0
Now that would really be something, since there are only 11 games during the playoffs!!!! :P 1) St Louis +4.5 2) San Diego -6.53) Indy -10.54) Minnesota +6.5
1) St Louis +4.52) NYJ +6.53) Denver +10.54) Minnesota +6.5This is the playoffs and the NFL. All of these spreads are too high IMO. Except for the St.L one but I think St.L will win.


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