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Before you draft a WR think about this (1 Viewer)


92% of the time in 53 seasons of data from 2015 - 2022, WRs taken in the draft produced a WR3 production or worse since they were drafted. Eleven of these 19 WRs come from the first three rounds. Nine come from the first two rounds, four are first rounders, one was a third rounder, three 4th rounders, one seventh rounder, and five UFDAs. I find it interesting and telling that 9 of these WRs come from the first two rounds.

I'm sure you can poke holes in this analysis, but I thought it was interesting.

I think the hole is pretty simple. This class is loaded.

I have picks 3,9 and 13 in a 16 team league and despite already being stacked at WR and weak at RB, I will probably spend all 3 of those picks on receivers. Might grab a RB at 13 depending on where the better backs land but see it as more of a chance to start replacing some of my receivers who have hit the age 30 range.

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