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Bell + 2019 1st for Watson and Chubb in dynasty? (1 Viewer)


10 team dynasty league .5 PPR and 6 point passing TDs.

RBs - Bell, Connor, Duke, Hyde, Breida, McKinnon (IR)

QBs - Wilson, Winston

I was offered Deshaun Watson and Nick Chubb for Bell and my 2019 1st (will be late pick).

My first inclination is to accept since Watson is an upgrade over Wilson, especially for the rest of this season, and Chubb is now unquestioned RB1 in Cleveland for at least a few seasons.

Nope, in all likelihood if you keep Bell you'll have 2 really solid RB1's next year with Bell and Conner being on different teams. Watson is not much of an upgrade over Wilson. 

At first thought I would accept but after thinking a bit the upgrade of Watson from Wilson is pretty minor and could change if Seattle gets some weapons in the off season to help Wilson out. 

I would be more inclined to accept if the draft pick went away.  I think I would counter taking out the draft pick and see if the guy still wants Bell.  If he does then I think you got a nice deal.  That would be an easy accept for me. 

I'd make that deal. Chubb likely helps a lot more than Bell this year, and possibly going forward as well. With you saying you have a late pick, I'm assuming you are a contender, so Chubb takes on even more value. Watson is better than anyone who will be there in the late 1st round, and arguably could end up being the best part of the deal.


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