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Ben Troupe released by the Bucs (1 Viewer)


According to ProFootballTalk, TE Ben Troupe has been released by the Bucs.Troupe's release clears a roster spot for Jerramy Stevens. The once-promising second rounder has plenty of talent, but his commitment has always been a question. It's probably about time for even deep Dynasty leaguers to cut the fish loose. Source: ProFootballTalk.com
one of the most often injured players I can ever recall. It's not like Chris Perry that goes out for the year. He gets dinged and missed a few weeks, then plays, then misses a week or two and....geesh. It's a shame, he's one of the more talented TEs in(or was in) the NFL. You can't miss so much practice and expect to develop. You can't be hurt that often and expect your body to be in "tiptop" shape against the great athletes of the NFL. It's funny Stevens was the next reply here. He and Stevens aren't so different. He also misses a ton of time to injury(and misbehaving) and also has a wealth of talent.

To me Alex Smith hasn't been worthy of his high NFL draft pick status. They had Anthony Becht who I felt similarly about. Who was that WR turned TE with the "catchy" weird name in Oakland. Gruden sure loves a project at TE doesn't he? I guess he figures one will pan out sooner or later


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