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Bench depth and stashs (1 Viewer)


Hi All - new here

12 Team - .75 PPR = QB, RB, WR, 2 Flex, TE, PK, DL, LB, S, DB, IDP

QB - Herbert

RBs - Zeke, Mixon, Javonte

WRs - ARob, Antonio Brown, Boyd, Patrick

TE - Waller

DL - N Bosa

LBs - Wagner, D Jones, Chandler Jones

S - Derwin, Fuller

CD - Taron Johnson

Managed to squeak out Wk1 despite playing against Dak, Lamb, Montgomery and Kupp. Thank you Waller!

Who would you rather stash?

Javonte, Jamaal Williams (FA) or Sermon (W) and

Patrick, MVS(FA), Kirk(FA), Sutton(W) or M Brown-Bal(W)

Short bench league with lots of IDPs, so there is usually lots of FAs. We're only required to play 1 RB and 1 WR (with 2 Flex), so I don't necessarily need to keep a 3rd, but I also like to have a potential huge upside guy on the bench because I could also play 3.

Pre-draft I wanted Sermon but someone else got him and I ended up with Javonte. Then week 1 happened and Sermon got dropped during Waivers. Mostert inj helps, but worried about Shanahan and Mitchell.  

On the WR side, I feel like I got lucky when I got AB late, especially now coz I'm worried about Boyd (no chance I'm dropping him now though). Depending on where you look MVS, Kirk and M Brown are all supposed to breakout; MVS and Kirk as 2nds on potent offences and Brown as a 1. Jeudy inj makes Sutton somewhat appealing, despite his slow wk 1 start.

Would appreciate your thoughts.



RBs - Zeke, Mixon, Javonte

WRs - ARob, Antonio Brown, Boyd, Patrick

I see your dilemma and out of who is avail I would be targeting one of Sermon or Sutton as being the difference makers. 

The smart money is Sutton to impact, but Sermon is a swing for the fences and you will prolly see him activated and go off.  

And if not, you just can drop Sermon and grab any of these guys if still avail. Classic Risk Reward. If you really want more depth at RB(I think you do) take a shot at Sermon for a wait and see. You don't need to start him but SF RBs look fluid maybe Sermon gets a shot sooner than later. 




Thanks for the response. 

I could go after Sermon and Sutton, but it would mean dropping both Javonte and Patrick. I should probably hold Javonte though right? and just go after Sermon with Patrick and put a 2nd claim in for Sutton in case I don't get Sermon. I can go low FAB, I dont think anyone wants to expose their stashes for these guys.


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