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Best Team based on FBG 'value' (1 Viewer)

Alberta Clipper

If anyone else tracks their total team's 'value' based on the weekly FBG values that come out every Tue - what is your BEST and WORST team?

This 'value' works best for redraft leagues and rosters b/w 16-18.

An average team value for 12 team redraft league with 16-18 rosters is approx. 6000.

My WORST team so far is a 5748 - 16 roster and lost my 6th OA pick Brady.

My BEST is 10,811 - 16 player roster led by:

QB: McNabb (Roeth, Cassel)

RB: ADP, Jacobs (Chris Johnson, Chester Taylor)

WR: Owens, Calvin J, Edwards (Gage)

TE: LJ Smith (McMichael)

K: Akers


Note - this is a keep 3 league.


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