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Big 3 Rookie RB's (1 Viewer)


Let's get a discussion going comparing the Big 3 Rookie RB's from last year, to the Big 3 Rookie RB's this year. ~ Cadillac Williams (2005) vs. Reggie Bush (2006): the all around talented speed backs who can take it to the house on any carry.~ Cedric Benson (2005) vs. LenDale White (2006): the workhorse power backs who are good between the tackles and can carry the load of 25-30+ carries per game.~ Ronnie Brown (2005) vs. DeAngelo Williams (2006): this isn't the best comparison in terms of size, etc....but, both are considered to be all around talented backs who excel in all facets of the game, both rushing and receiving.

Not as much in size and speed...but I would compare White to Brown in this one as far as their roles.All you heard about were Caddy and Bush...but Brown and White in their roles put up great numbers as well with less of the pub.


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