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Big trade evaluation (1 Viewer)


Which side is better off in 12team 0.5ppr 4pt pass TD?

Team A: Lamar Jackson, Deandre Swift, DK Metcalf, Antonio Gibson.

Team B: Aaron Rogers, Nick Chubb, Melvin Gordon, Justin Jefferson.


Depends on my roster and lineup requirements. This is a very interesting swap.

(I am also assuming this is a 1 QB league)


Lamar > Rodgers
Jefferson > Metcalf
Chubb > Swift (because of injury)
Gordon > Gibson (where Gibson is basically a zero with Robinson returning)

To me this just comes down to preference and if you think Gordon will fumble away any chance of fantasy value.


The Chubb and Jefferson portion of the trade would be the difference maker for me. Lamar's trend of play isn't sustainable and it will regress back to normal (but is still very good however). Chubb is the best runner (currently #1) in the NFL in a run centric offense. Jefferson has overall WR1 possibilities going forward. The same can't be said for any other RB or WR on either list.

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