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Bing has hijacked my browser--please help! (1 Viewer)


I am running Safari 12.0.3 on an iMac pro and Bing is forcing its way into my life without my permission.

My default search engine is google.  If I go to google.com and do a google search and then click on one of the links once I hit the <back> button, I am taken back to the google page for less than a second and then routed to a Bing page for the same search.

If I type something in the toolbar, I am taken to a google search page for a short time (less than a second) and then routed to Bing.

Please help--I never want to see Bing again!

I would run the free Malwarebytes tool, and look for anything in your applications folder that is new and drag it into the trash. After that, if it is still a mess, you will probably have to go into the Safari preferences and look for extensions or services that don’t belong.

Yeah, Macs don’t really get viruses, but I’ve this kind of stuff a lot (bogus Flash update installs are especially good at bringing in that browser hijack crap). 

My advise:

Go to an unaffected computer and download Rkill

Put the install file on a thumb drive and then insert into your Mac.  Run Rkill off the thumbdrive.  

Then run your free version of Malware.  


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