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Joe Bryant

Staff member
Hi Folks,

Let me say two things as I think we're starting to get off track a little.

I love this board. It's one of my favorite things about this whole Footballguys thing. The Shark Pool is the place in my opinion if you want to hear from ultra knowledgeable fantasy football junkies. It's also a great place where people can share the local scoops they're seeing / hearing.

There are a lot of people here. That means there are a lot of posts. The reality is that there can easily be way too much "noise" drowning out the good info that makes this board what it is.

I'm sorry to have to take a strong stance but basically here's where we're at:

#1. If you can't follow the directions and choose to post a "who should I draft / trade for / keep?" type post that belongs in the Assistant Coach forum, it will be locked, not moved to the right forum. If you continue to do this in hopes that you'll get a few responses before it gets moved, you won't be posting anymore.

That sucks. I know. But the reality is that there is simply too much going on in this forum for it to be anything other than NFL news, Player Discussion and General Strategy Discussion. We have an entire forum in the Assistant Coach dedicated to the posts where people are seeking advice.

And don't misunderstand, those types of posts are of huge value. We just have to have them in the right forum.

Along that line, I'd strongly encourage you guys who are knowledgeable to answer as much as you can in the Assistant Coach forum. It's "giving something back" to guys who are maybe not as far along as you are.

The rule of thumb for the Shark Pool here is "Make it applicable to everyone". I hate to break it to you but most people in the Shark Pool don't care about your team. They care about football. If the focus of your post is your team, it won't work.

General Draft Strategy and player discussions are great. Discussing where you rank Preist Holmes and debating whether he is the right pick at #2 over Alexander or maybe Manning is a good thread. Just make it a general discussion where everyone can be involved and have an interest. I know there's sometimes a blurry line between a general strategy question and a thinly veiled "who should I draft?" post. Nothing I can do about that. But if you want the post to stick, make it applicable to everyone.

#2. Keep the personal attacks way down. I understand it's football and you're passionate. I am too. But I'm seeing the tool factor going way up in some of these posts and we can't have it. Disagree, argue, debate, support, critique whatever. But if you can't keep from calling the other guy a dumb###, you won't be posting here. This is the time of year when I have 10,000 urgent things to do every day. So please don't push this.

Bottom line -

1. Keep this focused on NFL News and Player Discussion and General Strategy topics.

2. Understand most people in the Shark Pool don't care about your team and keep the focus on stuff that is applicable to all.

3. Be Excellent to One Another.

Thanks. I'm sorry to sound harsh there. It sucks playing board cop. But I place an extremely high priority on keeping the Shark Pool a great forum and on topic. And sadly, that means I have to tell some folks things they don't want to hear sometimes.

You guys make this thing what it is. Thanks for that.


I'm pasting the old post Marc pulled back up with a few more guideline things for anyone interested.

Old post with the guidelines for how we've always run the board

For right now, we will still allow avatar images and we'll see how that goes. I've had a zillion requests to define "the line" better so while I know it'll sound like a jerk, I'll lay it out as close to what I can for specifics. So here goes:

Girl images (real and cartoon) need to be static. That means the images don't move. No strippers or dancing girls. No shots of girls (real and cartoon) running and bouncing.

Non suggestive bikini images are ok.

Suggestive bikini shots are not ok.

Thong shots are not ok.

Shots where girl is missing the top or bottom of her bikini and she's "covering" with another object are not ok.

Wet T-shirt shots are not ok.

For non girl stuff, please keep the tone about the same. No drug stuff. No super violent or super gross stuff.

That's about as clear a definition as I can get on defining the "line". Again, I hate the fact I have to play board cop and sound like a dweeb spelling it out but the line has to be defined.

If you choose to go over the line. Your account will be changed so that you won't be allowed to post.

There won't be any discussion or warnings.

There is simply too much for the moderators to do and not enough time for them to talk to everyone that wants to push it. So please understand, going over the line, even accidentally, means you won't be posting. If you think something might be over, please don't post it.

General Posting Stuff.

We've had a few people who post on the board with the primary reason to just incite people and then go back to their home board and brag about how many "fish" they "caught" or what they could stir up. Posters who do that and don't have anything positive to bring to the board will have their ability to post removed.

In a similar light, hijacking threads for the sole purpose of killing them is looked at the same way.

Again, I hate the fact that I even have to spell that out for people but apparently I do. And as with the avatars, there won't be any discussion or argument about it when someone goes over that line. Our moderators simply don't have the time to deal with each case and discuss it. It takes 15 seconds to disable the ability for a member to post. That is all the time they usually have to deal with it and that will be the route they go.

Bottom line is just do as I said in the other post: Be excellent to one another. Yeah, that's the kindergarten rule but we use it here too. For real, if you always act in a way here that you'd want others to act toward you, we'll be golden.

And yes, I'm sure this post will be pasted on the other boards for ridicule about how prudish / nazi / intolerant we are. Whatever. That's part of the business.

I'm totally aware that the rules above are way more restrictive than most (if not all) discussion boards out there. Please, if they're too binding for you, find a board that fits what you're looking for better. There are a ton of them out there. But this is how we're going to try and run things here.

Is that the right way? I don't know. I'm not smarter than anyone else so who am I to say what way is best? I just know that this is the way that we've run this board from day 1. And for the guys who like to post here, this way seems to be working ok for them. That's the great thing about the internet, if this style doesn't suit you, there are a ton of options out there.

Anyways, that's where we're at. Hope you enjoy the new boards.

Joe and David

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Joe wrote this back in 2005 and, I can hardly believe it's been four years. Point being, we've had a tremendous amount of new membership in those years [which is GREAT!] but with that comes the need to remind folks of our terms of service. The Shark Pool can, and will, be the best place for fantasy and NFL discussion on the internet. But to keep it that way we need your help.

Re-read Joe's missive. And recognize that we're going to take an active hand in reinforcing these policies going forward.



I am new to FB Guys and these forums. Just read these guidelines and LOVE them. I give you guys a ton of credit and many kudos for making it your goal to keep a respectable forum. We sure could use more courtesy and respect in our world, and for whatever reasons those who lack such integrity really enjoy the anonymity that online forums bring them.

Again, great work guys. I'm really looking forward to becoming a regular in your community.


If you have problems using the board software's search engine, here is a tip for searching Footballguys forums with Google.

I go to google and start my search with: site:forums.footballguys.com

And then add whatever other keywords I'm looking for.

Edit to add: Since I have a google search bar on my browser, once I used it for this once, now I can just type "site" and it pops up the previous search and autocompletes it, so I can then just replace the other keywords. So it's pretty quick and convenient, don't need to remember the exact string.
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