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Brand New & Exciting Startup Dynasty League Looking For Great Owners (1 Viewer)

the Jag Zone

Brand New & Exciting Startup Dynasty League Looking For Great Owners
‪This is a truly fantastic league with some great and innovative rules & settings. We want to add someone who has the sickness for fantasy as much as we do.‬

The available teams are any that are as yet un-named. Come get ‘em!

Some of the main features of this league are:

-$40 Entry Fee

-32 teams, 2 copies of every player

-Full 53 man rosters

-2 copies of each player

-Full IDP

-Starting lineups are 11 on Offense and 11 on Defense

-Scoring system that has elite scoring players at all positions so you can build a team many ways whether you want to give your team an offensive or defensive slant.

-Efficiency based scoring for QBs. It makes a 1 QB league very much value efficient QBs.

-Unique settings also make 3-4 OLB’s VERY relevant in this league whereas in most leagues this position is nearly always unimportant.

-Unrestricted Free Agency (via Auction)

-Startup Draft will be a randomised 53 round reverse snake draft with trading of draft picks

-Annual Rookie Draft (7 rounds) but in year 1 rookies will be included in main startup draft

-Injured Reserve and 10 man Taxi Squads

-Division structure that fully replicates the real NFL.

-Playoffs that mirror the real NFL playoffs as well as a Consolation Playoff structure that involves all 20 teams that didn’t make the playoffs. The Consolation Bowl Winner is awarded an additional 1st Round Pick at 1.33 and also receives a payout.

-All funds 100% protected via Leaguesafe and 100% payouts after expenses (MFL Fees)

-WhatsApp free messaging app used for League Chat and as a way for the Commish to get messages out to the league and also is a great tool for trade discussions/negotiations.

Here is a link to the league home page:

Please also read our league rules & settings carefully:

If interested or if you want any more info about the league please email me at: ‪austinfarmer@hotmail.co.uk‬


League Commish

(posted this for a friend so if there are any problems contacting him please send me a PM)


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