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Brand New Keeper League Forming... (2 Viewers)


Fresh New League Forming

I currently run a very competitive keeper league that has been together for 30 years. I have decided to form a new start up Keeper league and make a few tweaks to the format. The league will be hoisted on Rtsports with an entry fee of $75. Fee collection will be made to a free Treasury Service provided by Rtsports, with all prize disbursement made at the conclusion of the season.

- 24 Teams (2 Conferences of 12 teams) ( Four Divisions of three Teams) Each Conference has its own draft and player pool to draft from. Regular season is 13 weeks with league playoffs starting week 14-17. Both Conference Champions meet week 17 to determine the league winner. Consolation Bowl for each Conference, made up of the 6 teams that don't play for the League Title, Toilet Bowl winner gets league fees paid for the following year.
- Results determined by Head to Head play with a Serpentine draft each year. 1st years draft order will be determined by random selection, following years draft order will be determined by finishing order. Worst team getting #1 pick, etc.
- 100% League fee payout minus league service fee to Rtsports.
- Allowed to keep 1 QB, 1 RB, 1 WR and 1 other player (RB, WR, TE, K or DEF) from year to year
- Nothing crazy with scoring - PPR, 4 pt. passing TD come see the league and read the league scoring rules for yourself.

Visitor login: https://www.rtsports.com/fantasy-football-league/326268

Any questions just hit me up. Depending on how fast I fill it, probable a 2 hour time limit per draft pick. Looking for competitive league owners should be exciting to start a new league from the ground up.
If interested send me your email address and your team name and I will send you the league invite to access your team. League Fees due upon acceptance of team.

Lets fill this thing up and have some fun. Looking forward to meeting new fresh fantasy players and building a competitive friendship.

Looks like I'm going to have to run a reversal and try and get 12 teams this year and finish filling out the league next year or I'll never be able to be the draft in. So as of right now I need 9 owners and we can start the draft.
Matt, Ill try and get 12 teams this year and finish filling out the league for the other conference next year. I'll keep pushing and if we haven't filled it by tomorrow afternoon I'll push off the league formation till next year. Just wanted to keep you updated. I'm trying, posting on every group forum I know just waited too long.
8 spots remain, going to start the first year with 12. Great League Format come join us. Fresh Start, New League... Want to fill by 8/2/23 and start the online draft.

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