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Brandon Carr-DB- Chiefs (1 Viewer)

per rotoworld

Brandon Carr-DB- Chiefs Sep. 17 - 12:11 pm et

The Chiefs have promoted rookie CB Brandon Carr into the starting lineup with Patrick Surtain out due to a shoulder injury.

Because their devotion to rookies is really paying off. Actually Carr, a raw fifth-round pick from Grand Valley State, has been fairly impressive in the first two weeks. He'll play opposite fellow rookie Brandon Flowers. Carr will likely keep the job and qualifies as a big IDP sleeper.

Can this guy get the 'pick on the rookie corner' syndrome and excel this season. He plays on a terrible team and should see the may attempts. What do you guys think?

WEEK 3: 9 solos

First week as a starter. Not bad. This Defense looks to be on the field alot. This guy could have some nice tackle numbers if he can hold the job if/when Surtain comes back.


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