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Brandon Jenkins LB (1 Viewer)

The Claymaker

I remember hearing about this guy at FSU a couple years back and he seemed like he was going to be a terror. Last year I didn't really hear anything and was curious as to why, apparently he had a lis franc injury at the start of the 2012 season and missed the entire year.

Seems to me the Skins got an absolute steal in the 5th on this guy, he will be a over a year removed from the injury and he has skills.

If you take a look at how NFL.com and Mayock grades players, he would technically have been 6th highest graded lb'er coming out. But since he had no season to look at, I guess his stock took a major nose dive.

Any chance this kids wins a spot and gets some spot rush duties? The comparison they make is Nick Perry who was a first round pick. My understanding was he did have 1st round potential, but was not fully healed at his pro-day and that hurt him.

Here is the NFL.com info on him:


Draft Scout Snapshot: A closer look at the Redskins' picks: Round 5/162 -- Brandon Jenkins, DE, 6-2, 251, Florida State...Graded by several scouting services as a potential selection in the first two rounds before last season, Jenkins broke his left foot in the opener and missed the rest of the year. After picking up 22.5 sacks in 40 games, he'll move to outside linebacker in the Redskins' 3-4 scheme.

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I see the kid is playing and made a nice sack on that play on Kolb. I said this kid was a beast in college prior to his injury, Skins may have got a steal getting him so late.

Haslett talked about this during preseason, and they showed this look a few times in games, but the Redskins want to be able to put 4 pass rushers on the field in some passing situations. That's how Jenkins got his sack in the Bills game. The front four on that play was Jenkins, Ryan Kerrigan, Darryl Tapp and Brian Orakpo.

Barring an injury to Kerrigan or Orakpo, Jenkins will just be a role player. But as often as teams need to trot out nickel defenses, Jenkins should see enough plays to make a little noise.


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