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Brees or Watson? (1 Viewer)


Tough decision for championship week.

Brees (riding a 3 game run of horrible numbers, but he's finally at home) vs Watson (has been decent, but is on the road at resurgent Philly)?

Leaning Brees, but not sold on him.

I would go Brees because the weather in Philly could be problems and I think the Saints/Steelers will be a shootout. 

IDK, probably Brees, but maybe the steelers figured it out last week and could be getting hot at right time.  I havent seen the weather in Philly, but its warm this weekend in pittsburgh, which is about 1/2 day earlier than philly weather.  Might rain tho.   

I'm going Brees at home, but be a nervous wreck about it. Both have very wide variances, with neither 8 points or 28 or 38 being shocking. 

 Coin toss - but I lean Watson... I just don’t trust Breez in December.  Texans need a win and Eagles are tough but Watson is rare talent and steps up in these situations


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