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Bryan Scott switching to FS? (1 Viewer)


I note that the Ourlads depth charts have Bryan Scott now at FS and this has also been reported in a few locations (Scott at FS).

The situation at SS looks very murky indeed! With the two most likely candidates being Ronnie Heard or Carpenter.

Anyone have any insight into which might be the most likely replacement for Scott at SS?

What impact will the move to FS have on Scott's numbers?

Supposedly in the defensive scheme of the Falcons, the FS is asked to provide more run support than normal. Scott seems to be more of a player when it comes to this aspect of the game as he does not appear to be a ballhawk.Carpenter is probably the starter going into TC at SS. The coaching staff sees Carpenter as almost another coach on the field and they love his leadership abilities. The key is whether Carpenter can come all the way back from a torn ACL.


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