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Bump Ballard? (1 Viewer)

Look at Bradshaw run over people, juke people, and break tackles. In over 200 carries, I don't think Ballard has one highlight that could find a place in Bradshaw's highlights. Ballard is

pedestrian; Bradshaw is a baller. Ballard was on a bad team with little competition, stayed healthy, and got a lot of carries for an unknown rookie. But Ballard is not exceptional at



Ballard's longest run was 26 yards and his only highlight play was a dive into the EZ that most NFL RBs could make.
How many RB highlights do you remember diving into the end zone like Ballard did? The mere fact you remember it speaks volumes.I'm at camp right now. Ballard is taking all the snaps while Bradshaw is selling Dippin Dots.
He probably remembers Ballard's highlight because its posted on this page of the thread.

Isnt Bradshaw on the PUP currently?? Wouldnt that make sense as to why Ballard is taking all the snaps right now and not because Ballard is clearly the starter?

ETA: Highlight now on the previous page of the thread but you get my point

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Also FWIW FBGs depth chart has Ahmad listed 1st
What other teams do FBGs decide the starting RB for?

Also, so because Bradshaw was signed for next to nothing, isn't practicing, and is currently on the PUP list, he's clearly the starter. Got it!
You do know what FWIW means, right?

Look thru my posts. Ive never said Bradshaw is clearly starter once. Whenever Bradshaw is healthy though, I fully believe he is the more valuable back in Indy because he is flat out more talented that Ballard. They may even be a full blown 50/50 RBBC, but Bradshaw's talent will get him better numbers.

I'm guessing a FBGs or anyone's depth chart before preseason even starts is worth $0.05. With all due respect.

Returns to the field tonight. Tough not to root for the guy.

Several tweets saying he saw extensive action with the first team offense when Gore was given a veteran's day off this week.


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