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Burrow and R Stevenson for Josh Allen and Kirk? PPR (1 Viewer)


would you trade Joe Burrow and Rhamondre Stevenson for Josh Allen and Christian Kirk? my current team...

QB: Burrow
RB: Bijan
RB: Stevenson
WR: AJ Brown
WR: Metcalf
TE: Engram
FLEX: Dameon Pierce
FLEX: James Cook
DST: Eagles
BENCH: Brandin Cooks, Sutton, Jameson Williams, Damien Harris, Deon Jackson

on one hand i lose stevenson and rb deph on the other i upgrade qb and improve wr deph. it's ppr so has me thinking. not a huge qb upgrade and i like burrow so is giving up stevenson worth it? idk. i do have pierce to slot right in at rb2 and between cook, cooks, sutton, and potentially kirk filling the flexes is no problem. what say you?
Based on your team you get hurt badly be losing Stevenson. You don't have the rb depth to absorb that loss. I stay put.

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