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Can we add the survivor leagues back in this year please? (1 Viewer)


I missed that last year alot

seemed a simple thing (except probably to Clayton who had to commish 12 drafts) but I just wonder if it didn't get brushed aside prematurely to spend more time on apps, etc

Did anyone else miss those and why were they removed?

FWIW, Lash is referring to the Ultimate Survivor Contest that FBG's ran from 2009-2011.

I miss it, and I'm sure the majority of folks who participated in it were surprised it wasn't offered last year, and would like to see it resurrected...

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yes that's right i forgot the "Ultimate" part

i miss those leagues as it allowed us to interact with staff

David...? Joe...? Carlton...?

Ultimate Survivor was as forward thinking an idea as any you guys have had, and was quality source of enjoyment and entertainment for the active membership, through the unique way it brought Staff, Shark Poolers and FFA'ers together in a unique competitive arena.

I'm sure I'm not the only one who'd be willing to contribute sweat equity if necessary, and volunteer to get this contest back up running again. I'm offering...

:goodposting: I missed them a lot last year. I did the Ultimate survivor and the IDP survivor and they were both a lot of fun. I had more fun with them than the subscriber contest (probably because I can't win in the state I live in). It doesn't sound like there is any chance of them coming back though.

They were fun, but basically we faced these recurring problems every year:

- People complaining that it is not fair that they weren't selected. Why can't I ever get in emails.

- We have had people unsubscribe because they didn't get in.

- Then when we had contests to qualify, people #####ed that they were experts at Fantasy Football not captioning photos. More threats and angry people.

- Additionally, It took Clayton a LOT of time to set these up. It's not just a one-time event in August either. There were three sets of drafts to line up (preseason, after week 5, after week 10).

I think as staff we agree this was a great event. I loved it and am also sorry to see it ruined by the angry mob mentality.

Thank you David for at least giving us a reason as to why they were discontinued.

To the whiners out there BOOOO!!!!!!

Lash - thx for posting the question. David - thx for responding. I too miss the Survivor Pool; sad to see it go. I vote that Lash start his own... ;-)


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