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this is free when they do it, not insider material.

Chat with Rick Spielman

Welcome to The Show! On Thursday, NFL Insider and former Miami Dolphins GM, Rick Spielman, will stop by to take your questions on the conference championship games. Spielman also worked as Director of Pro Personnel with the Chicago Bears and spent seven seasons in the player personnel department of the Detroit Lions.

Send your NFL questions now and join Rick in The Show on Thursday at 3 p.m. ET!

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The ShowGirl: (2:49 PM ET ) Hey everybody, Rick will be here in a few to talk NFL, send in your questions now!

The ShowGirl: (2:50 PM ET ) For those of you looking for a place to sound off on the new structure of the site, use this link ... http://proxy.espn.go.com/chat/chatESPN?event_id=10557

rick spielman: (2:55 PM ET ) Welcome to the Show. Ther will be some great footbsll this weekend. What are your predictions? I have Seattle abd Denver going to Detroit with Denver as your Super Bowl champs. Let's get started


AJ ( Jacksonville,FL): Now that Deshaun Foster went down with a broken leg last week, and Nick Goings starting sunday, will the Panthers be able to get past Seattle with this as a rushing attack???

rick spielman: (2:57 PM ET ) Goings has filled in well for the injured Foster but is not nearly as talented. This swings in favor of Seattle because now they can focus their defensive game plan on Steve Smith. Delhomme is also a better qb when the running game is going


Tony (Seattle): Wow you are in the minority at ESPN! Why do you think so many "experts" are picking against Seattle? Some even stating that Carolina has the advantage in every facet of the game including rushing attack?

rick spielman: (3:00 PM ET ) The other factor besides the loss of Foster is that Carolina has been in two very physical ball games. Now they have to get on a flight and travel six hours across country. Siounds very similar to what Wash had to do after a tough physical ball game in TB. Seattle should have Alexabder back which will make them that much better


Steve, Hicksville,NY: Now that Green Bay has lost Jim Bates, was the hiring of McCarthy a wise one? It seems like a huge loss because their defense finally seemed to step up and play well under Bates and now they might have to learn a whole new system. Also, with pick #5, who do you think GB should take and why?

rick spielman: (3:03 PM ET ) That defense will be going thru their third DC in three years. Players will have to learn and adjust to a whole new system again which takes tiome for them to jell. I've experienced worse. We went thru 3 offensive coordinators will different ideas in a six month period and it was very tuff on the players.


Neal Joliet, IL: Hypothetically Rick, what would come of Champ Bailey vs. Steve Smith? Would we see diminishing returns from Smith against the game's best defensive back?

rick spielman: (3:06 PM ET ) That would be a great match up. Bailey may be the best shut down corner in the league at this point and Smith has proven he is the most explosive wr in the league. Bailey would have to prove he could shut down Smith because no one else has been able to


Travis, Canada: Rick, Breakdown your thoughts on all the first time head coaches getting their shot this year and who might be the first of this group fired? Also who has surprised you by not getting hired that was fired this season?

rick spielman: (3:09 PM ET ) I though Sherman and Haslett were the two coaches that would get jobs. Especially the job Sherman did in Green Bay taking away this year and all the injuries that occured. These new coaches are unproven and it will be interesting to see how they handle their new responsibilites. It is a tough call right now until we see them a couple of games under fire


Danny (Rapid City, SD): Hey Rick, You picked against Carolina last week and lost will you make the same mistake again this week or will you pick Carolina? Thanks

rick spielman: (3:11 PM ET ) Just for the record I did pick Carolina to win last week. The only game I did not get right was the Steelers


Debbie, Dallas TX: Rick, you are the biggest hunk on ESPN. Do you see the Cowboys signing T.O. What other free agents may interest Parcells and Co.?

rick spielman: (3:14 PM ET ) To will end up with a team but it has to be a team that has a very strong head coach. He will be a problem for sure were ever he ends up. No team will trade for him and he will have to be willing to sign a contract that is geared up with incentives. Why would you want to tie up furtue cap dollars in a player you may have to run off your team after a few years.


Dan (Tulsa, OK): Who do you have winning the Superbowl?

rick spielman: (3:17 PM ET ) Denver


Mike (Michigan): Who do you think Marineli will look for to be the next OC and DC of the Lions?

rick spielman: (3:21 PM ET ) Very Good question. This will be an intersting one to watch. The perfect DC would of been Mike Tomlin who was the db coach in Tampa but was hired by the Vikings. He will have to hire a very strong OC because his background is defense. This will be a key hire for the Lions. If they don't get the right guy it could be more tuff times ahead


Matt (Farmington, CT): Do you think that Norv Turner was a good choice for the 49ers as a OC?

rick spielman: (3:22 PM ET ) Norv is an excellent OC. I've been in the coach's booth when he has called games and is one of the best around. SF should be very excited about this hire


Charlie, Annapolis: What does the hiring of Al Saunders, as OC/Asst. Head Coach - Offense, do for the Redskins? What happens to Don Breaux and Joe Bugel, the current holders of those two positions? Is Saunders a good tutor for Jason Campbell?

rick spielman: (3:26 PM ET ) Al Saunders is won of the top OC in the game. It was a mistake to let him get out of KC. KC had alot of talent but he knew how to utilize all his weapons. DC fans should be excited.


Jonny (Los Angeles): The names I hear for the Jets Offensive Coordinator slot are rather uninspiring. Who do you expcet to wind up with that job?

rick spielman: (3:28 PM ET ) With all this head coaches getting named it will be a mad scramble for them to put together a staff. Over the next month alot will happen but with all the job openings its hard to say right at this point who will land where but these new head coaches better get on the hop if they want to get a top coordinator because they won't last long


JR, Johnston, RI: Any info on who the Bills are going to hire? Would you think it a terrible call to take Jauron over Sherman?

rick spielman: (3:30 PM ET ) Both would be a good fit. They have head coaching experience and have some knowledge on how the cap works. It will be vital for a football guy to know since Levy has not been in the league since the cap era


Shane (Casper, WY): Mile High or Qwest Field? Which stadium is a tougher place to play?

rick spielman: (3:33 PM ET ) Both are very tough plaaces but I would give the edge to Mile High. Their fans have been loud for alot of years. Seattle fans are starting


Michael (Phoenix, AZ): The Cardinals need alot of Offensive help. Should they try to trade up to draft a QB or stay at ten hoping White or Williams are available?

rick spielman: (3:36 PM ET ) They can be functional on offense with Warner because of the super star receivers. They need a running game with a top rate type back or there might not be much improvement.


Os (NJ): Hey Rick... what's the word on Martz? is his health concern keeping him from landing a job? I feel he's a horrible Head Coach but an interesting OC that can spark an offense.

rick spielman: (3:38 PM ET ) Martz has a brilliant offensive mind and would be the first coach I would go after as my offensive coordinator. As a head coach the word out of the league circles is that is people skills must improve


Jodi, Boston: I couldn't sleep or eat for a few days after the Patriots lost last week. Do you seeing them rebouding next season given the fact they are pretty mentally tough, have an easier schedule and (hopefully) less injuries?

rick spielman: (3:40 PM ET ) As long as they have Brady and Belicheck they will always be in the hunt.


LEO, NEVADA: mr Spielman, i agreed with you on carolina last week, but are you still liking them against the seahawks?

rick spielman: (3:43 PM ET ) No Seahawks will win


Buck (Saltsburg, PA): Do you think **** Lebeau is going to get another head coaching opportunity anytime soon? He's put together some pretty impressive gameplans the past few weeks.

rick spielman: (3:45 PM ET ) LeBeau is the a top defensive corrdinator in the league and may be the bets right now. Some coaches are great coordinators but not great head coaches. It takes a different skill set to be a head coach. You have to deal with other issues just besides the Xand O part of the game. There is no question LeBeau knows the Xand O part of the game better than anyone.


Jason (Peru, IN): Where does Edgerrin James play next year? Does Polian's comment about the addition of a "big back" to run on short yardage and in the red zone mean that Edge is officially out of the Colts long term plans?

rick spielman: (3:48 PM ET ) Indy will have some tough decisions to make in the off season. Edge will be one of those tough decisions. Edge is a big back so you may be reading into something there


Kenny (Cartersville, GA): What do you make of the fiasco in Oakland? Saunders, their top guy, is gone. Marinelli is gone. Hill and Petrino are staying in College. SURELY they aren't going to hire James Lofton... are they?

rick spielman: (3:50 PM ET ) Can anyone out there tell me if they know what Al Davis is going to do? he is the toughest owner to get a read on when it comes to picking a head coach


trent (green bay): do you see nick barnett of green bay being one of the better lb's in the leauge in the next couple of years?

rick spielman: (3:52 PM ET ) He would of been a sure Pro Bowler in Bates system


Tim ((Charlotte, NC)): I can tell you what Al Davis is going to do he is going to get somone that no one has heard of as of late.


Mike (D): I think he's leaning towards Wayne Fontes.


Thomas(Perry Hall, MD: How is the Redskins O going to improve by the hiring of Al Saunders?

rick spielman: (3:55 PM ET ) He believes in the running game but has a very good passing mind. Cooley, Portis and Moss will even be better. They do need to address the issue of a #2 wr opposite Moss. You should see a more wide open passing game


Dan (San Jose): Al Davis is going to hire someone who will be his puppet...again. So, the Raiders are going to be bad...again.


Patrick (Cleveland, OH): Any thoughts on Linehan hiring? Good move by the Rams?

rick spielman: (3:57 PM ET ) Linehan is one of the brightest minds I have been around. He is an excellent coach and moved up got a head coaching job only after four years in the league. He will have some growing pains as all 1st time head coaches go thru but he is a great fit for the rams and the offensive weapons they have in place


Joe (Grand Forks, ND): How do you see the cover 2 working for the Vikings and what personnel changes do they need to make to run it effectively?

rick spielman: (4:00 PM ET ) The key to running the Tampa 2 scheme is the overall speed and quickness of the linebackers. That will be the first area that has to be decided if the current lbs that are good players fit into this scheme

rick spielman: (4:02 PM ET ) Thanks for joining me on this weeks chat. Catch the Countdown Show from 10am to 1 pm on espn radio. We will also be chatting thru out the championship games.


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