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colts conspiracy theory (1 Viewer)

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Everyone saw the calls on Sunday and new that they where garbage. If you have been watching the colts this year you know the refs have been favoring them. It looks to me that Payton even had a yellow flag in his pocket at time. The nfl want the colts to make it to the superbowl so bad they where ready to cheat to get them there. Thank god for Vanderjerk finlly putting his foot in his mouth. Typical Canadian always talking but never there when you need them. Nice kick chump.

If there was such a conspiracy why didn't the refs call pass interference when manning threw into the endzone and wayne was double teamed at the end of the game? It would have given them the ball 1st and goal at the one with less than a minute left. If the refs were trying to win the game for the Colts then they were doing a terrible job of it letting that one slip by.

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