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Commish trade opinion...I'm commish, it's my trade (1 Viewer)


My team prior to week 10 is listed in my signature.

The other owners team:

QB----McNabb, Bulger

WR----Andre Johnson, Jennings, Welker

RB----SJax, Stewart

RB/WR-----Dunn (bye), Ike Bruce, V.Davis, Leon Washington, Pittman (?)




This was Friday of last week, which would allow us to play the traded players in week 10 (1 day waiting period). SJax has already been ruled out, Stewart was listed as doubthful and he had Dunn on a bye. WW was pretty thin. I offered McGahee, Derick Ward & Breaston for Andre Johnson and he accepted it. Please let me know if you think this was a bogus deal, collusion, vetoable, etc. I'd like to get some feedback to report back to this team owner and the rest of the league.

Nothing wrong with the trade. Did the owner complaining lose to one of the teams involved in the trade?

In my leagues we have 1-2 co-commishes that approve each other's trades. In your league you obviously don't have a owner-vote system and just the commish approves. Is the complainer saying there was collusion? Because if not, tell him to put a cork in it.

If no proof of collusion, then any trade is fair if both sides agree to it. Simple as that.

The Ray Rice owner undervalued Willis (probably homer to his own overvalue of Rice) ..... so he should be aware of the value now that McGhaee had a good game.

Trade seems fair.

I offered McGahee, Derick Ward & Breaston for Andre Johnson

Perfectly fine trade.

I think it is a solid trade for you...and the owner receiving the players got a little boost from McGahee this weekend...which may be the last one for awhile, if he remains injury prone. Ward is a good backup player...reminds me of Turner in SD...Breaston is a solid 2WR in the situation he is in now...but outside of Arizona, he is likely a 3WR at best.

There is always going to be someone #####ing about a trade... it's part of the game... there is nothing wrong with any trade as long as there is no collusion...

3 backup players for the #1 fantasy wide receiver? I don't know about that one. Hey if the guy was dumb enough to take it then that's on him.

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