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Consensus Draft Grade Matrix (1 Viewer)

No Honda. An awesome thing on Twitter, followed by the usual arguments about drafting grades.

I love the grade outliers, too. Thor Nystrom (?) certainly is an outlier with the Jets, and it all hinges on quarterback. The more politically-attuned folks are cheering him for putting Wilson so low in his rankings, thereby sinking the entire Jets draft in his mind. He thinks they should have gone Fields. Sort of strange, though, given that consensus is that Wilson is a top four or five QB, so the reach the Jets made isn't actually that much of a reach, and that's usually what draft grades reflect. Best player, need, and consensus. In this case, he just thinks Fields should have gone way ahead of Wilson. He likes the other Jets picks. Strange reason for a D, I'd say, and the grade seems punitive in that respect. 

So that's what I gathered from the grades, anyway. 


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