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Cook or Howard ROS? (1 Viewer)


I have some deep depth at running back with Cook, Howard, Conner, Burkhead, Peterson and Barber. I’m not so deep at wide receiver having Fitzgerald, Gordon, Hogan, Enunwa and Golloday. To get a stud WR I will have to trade Cook or Howard. The question is who? Thoughts?

I personally think that you're okay for now at the WR slot. Fitzgerald will get you consistent points, Gordon will now be starting which means he'll be utilized more especially to alleviate pressure off of Landry, Enunwa seems to be Darnold's favorite target - blowing the competition away with the amount of touches/target sharing he saw Week 1. Golladay is a solid back-up since Stafford connected with him multiple times - though Tate clearly was his "competition" Week 1. As for your RBs, that's a solid line-up - especially with Conner who's had a blast without Bell in the backfield. On top of that, you've got AP and if he's starting to roll again then he'll be a solid flex or even RB1 if he keeps those numbers up (somewhat hesistant with because of Thompson's all-around ability). Burkhead/Barber are okay.

However, if this is PPR then go with Cook primarily because he's better at the pass game than Howard (who was out-snapped in passing by Cohen - the better catcher among the two). If it's non-PPR, it's a tough one since both RB's have opposite stats (Howard ran more, Cook caught more). If you're looking for a safe bet, I believe with Trubisky at helm still learning the ropes and trying to improve, keeping Howard is a safer bet - whereas Cousins is at helm with the Vikings so they'll be attempting more air time with Diggs/Thielen/Rudolph.

My call: Howard ROS, trade Cook - but make sure it's a real stud of a WR.

If you can get somebody good, trade AP.  No way he keeps up what he is doing.  Then maybe Barber, Burkhead.  I would not touch the other three.  Obviously dump Conner when it gets close to week 10 if it lasts that long.

I agree with Mkha2240, if you trade any of the top three make sure you get a stud back.

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